Casa dos Marcos

Competition Health Moita, PORTUGAL
Client: Raríssimas - Associação de Doenças Mentais e Raras
Site area: 6.590,00 m²
Gross floor area: 5.155,93 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

The project is located on a plot of land at the entrance to Moita, and has been developed with the intention of contributing to the humanization of healthcare services through architecture.

The areas projected in the brief are built over two floors corresponding to the Casa dos Marcos facility for children with rare cognitive disorders and a continuous care unit.

The topography, configuration and features of the site informed the proposed volume, sculpting it through volumetric subtractions that created patio areas. The creation of these spaces as areas lending themselves to a multitude of purposes, combined with their permeability, indicates the ambition of a new service to contribute to the reaffirmation of the value of the experience of place within a community context, allowing an interaction between users and residents.

The intention is to create a service with a clear reading of proximity, promoting inclusion and socialization but, also, evoking the peaceful and rural past of the local area, using the scale and volumetric shape of the building, as well as the organization of spaces for different types of users.