OnJ S. Lazaro

Rehabilitation / Extension Tourism Desterro, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Client: Sitacim - Unipessoal, Lda.
Site area: 468,12 m²
Gross floor area: 1.142,95 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

This 4-star Apartment Hotel is located in Calçada do Desterro, parish of Santa Maria Maior in Lisbon. It is part of the “List of Goods of the Municipal Charter of Edified and Landscape Heritage”, is integrated in a space classified as Central and Residential Space – Urban Layout A Consolidated and is part of an Urban Rehabilitation Area.

The surrounding area adjacent to the site, consists essentially of residential buildings with commercial ground floors that give a sense of heterogeneity in the expressed architectural languages, which can be explained by the difference in construction dates.

This tourist development consists of two adjoining buildings: the West Wing that was restored, and the East Wing that, due to its state of degradation, was completely rebuilt with the introduction of an residential program to replace one house. The project aimed to preserve the existing language and composition, representative of an era and with a remarkable heritage value. The extension made reveals and values ​​the architectural identity of the existing through its sobriety and the proposed reinterpretation of the rhythm and design of the elevations.

The project contains 19 accommodation units composed of T0 / Studio and T1/One Bedroom types with double rooms and a single room, where one of the types T1 is adapted for disabled users. The apartments are supported by a reception, public sanitary facilities, indoor and outdoor seating area, dining room, small pantry to support breakfast service, storage area, office and sanitary facilities / staff locker rooms.

Although the two adjacent buildings have independent entrances, they are connected internally and have levelled floor slabs. However, due to the street inclination, the East Wing building has an additional floor below the ground with entrance and access to the upper levels, 3 parking spaces, services and storage.