Offices / Retail Residential Urban Planning Fátima, Ilha do Sal, CABO VERDE
Client: Oásis Atlântico Imobiliária, S.A.R.L.
Site area: 127 ha
Gross floor area: 409.000,00 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

The site is an area of around 127 ha, located on Ilha do Sal, along the main road connecting Espargos and Santa Maria. The land is characterized by an extensive empty area with a marked topography.

The project is an urban design for 2,500 residential units, that will accommodate approximately 10,000 various employees of hotels based in Santa Maria, as well as all the necessary public services, addressing the shortage of accommodation for the various employees of the tourist area on the island.

The design proposes two main axes, East – West and North – South, which link different elements of the brief and levels. The spatial organization and morphologies were the subject of careful studies in order to offer the necessary proximity and intimacy that can respond to urban problems without compromising the local way of life, and allowing for the best possible use of land.

The location of public services introduces several nuclei and social spaces, from the scale of the territory to the block itself. This hierarchy of roads and open spaces provides a human scale to the project.

Thus, the built environment will allow the inhabitants freedom to accommodate their individual way of life, while ensuring the development of this urban complex in a overall strategy.