Le grand village

Rehabilitation / Extension Tourism Marina, Saïdia, MOROCCO
Client: Oásis Atlântico Imobiliária, S.A.R.L.
Project: HOTEL *****
Site area: 13,19 ha
Gross floor area: 68.612,20 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes
Collaboration: Maria do Carmo Castelo Branco | Decoration

Renovation of an existing and inactive touristic complex, located in Saïdia, a border city in The North of Morocco.
The intervention includes: renovation and restructuring of the existing buildings, extension of support buildings and new constructions.

This seafront site surrounded by the Golf Course, contains three main buildings. The central block, composed mainly of a ground floor and a considerable ceiling height, accommodates all the common areas that serve the two residential blocks on it’s sides. The Saïdia Palace and the Blue Pearl, are symmetrically developed in 3 floors, offering 307 rooms each.

Beyond these three buildings, the hotel complex also includes Snack Bar, Kids Club, Pool Bar and Beach Bar spread across the site, that are as well subjects of renovation and expansion. New constructions are introduced to strengthen the existing structure: Stage outside, Market, Sanitary facilities for the pools and beach, and a Club House (Cigar and Cognac Bar).
All new structures are made of wood, in a sober composition and integrated with the existing elements.

Regarding the architectural and landscape modifications, a general refurbishment was proposed, preserving the local identity and the traditional character of the project. In particular, the treatment of exterior layout (offering more privacy to guests), changing existing colors, remodeling certain spaces, as well as the redesigning and replaceing of certain elements (pergolas, guards …).