Tourism Melides, Grândola, PORTUGAL
Client: GRANDAREIA – Extracção e Comercialização de Inertes, Lda.
Project: RURAL HOTEL *****
Site area: 46,35 ha
Gross floor area: 13.512,25 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

This tourist development – 5 * Rural Hotel – is located in Matinha, parish of Melides, municipality of Grândola. The site consists of three plots, two of which belong to the South part and one to the North part. The site presents a morphology with a very regular surface with little accentuated slopes and with little significant altimetry differences. Eucalyptus and Pine are the predominant species of the surrounding forest.

The aim of this project was to take advantage of some natural morphological accidents, providing exceptional conditions in the future experience of spaces with attractive panoramic views, construction of the wide range of houses and walking paths, reforestation for total integration with the surroundings and introduction of artificial lakes for the enjoyment of future guests.

The purpose of this rural hotel is to create a harmony between the existing environment and the proposed new needs, to enhance the landscape of the ecological nature, to recover and regenerate the architectural and cultural heritage, to foster playful, recreational, cultural, pedagogical and productive interests through ways that allow contact with nature, introduction of functional flexibility principles through creation of multiple use spaces and use of ecological and sustainable principles applied in sustainable management.

200 ecological accommodation units are to be erected for this hotel, with wooden construction that ensures their integration with the surroundings, along the side of new pedestrian and cycling paths and green spaces that promote the consolidation of biodiversity, as well as a pedagogical farm and spaces for active and passive recreation that will provide areas for leisure, culture and sport.