Salinas Sand Resort

Tourism Avenida dos Hotéis, Stª. Maria, Ilha do Sal, CABO VERDE
Client: Oásis Atlântico Imobiliária, S.A.R.L.
Project: APARTHOTEL*****
Site area: 44.943,00 m²
Gross floor area: 28.477,70 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

Located on the island of Sal, whose name describes the local landscape with pragmatic clarity – a conglomeration of salt, sun, sand, wind and sea – the Salinas Sand Hotel takes its name from the very site of its construction, which bears the visible marks of the historical exploitation of salt.

The presence of salt pans is at the root of the concept of the building, informing the design of outdoor spaces, and is the subject of a museum space integrated into the hotel complex, together with leisure spaces, thematic restaurants and shops. In this way, it provides a unique tourist experience distinguished by the characteristics of the place with regard to history, climate, customs and nature.

The building volume is composed of four distinct wings, distributed in a spiral in a counter clockwise direction, the east wing in the centre, followed by the north wing next to the site boundary, the west wing and culminating in the south wing, parallel to the shore, where the main entrance of the hotel is located.

Both the materials and the proposed construction system were chosen with particular attention to their aesthetic and functional performance, as well as their durability, given the climatic conditions of the area.