Tomás Ribeiro

Tourism Rua Tomás Ribeiro, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Client: PRÉDURBA – Prédios Urbanos, SA
Project: HOTEL ****
Site area: 1.022,48 m²
Gross floor area: 9.326,25 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

This 4-star Hotel on Rua Tomás Ribeiro, is located on a site in the heart of Lisbon’s economic and financial center with an unquestionable demand for the construction of hotel units. A considerable number of hotel establishments are concentrated in the “Avenidas Novas” area, having immediate access to an excellent public transport network close to various points of cultural, religious and landscape interest.

The site constitutes a void that breaks the uniformity and continuity of the street, representing a break in the building line that makes up the city’s urban fabric. Regarding the urban environment, the particular block where the project is located has little homogeneity in relation to the height of the buildings or their date of construction.

The aim of this project was to find an appropriate proposal and to promote the idea of a built environment that fits into the urban context of Rua Tomás Ribeiro characterized by its vitality and modern architecture.  The proposed hotel consists of 8 + 1 floors above ground and 4 more at basement level, closing the void in which it is located.

It accommodates 132 rooms as well as social and technical areas. Its façade is clad with aluminum sheet panels, perforated and lacquered in white, creating a sensation of dynamism and rhythm, with some panels fixed and others moveable.