Residential São Vicente, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Client: Alcidias - Construção, Compra e Venda de Imóveis, Lda.
Site area: 1.361,00 m²
Gross floor area: 3,925,15 m²
Architect: J A Zinho Antunes

A construction of a new residential building, located at Rua Vale de Santo António in Lisbon’s parish of São Vicente, including a privately operated car park, which will be divided between public and the private use of the proposed building.

Currently, this site presents itself as an empty space, a void that breaks the uniformity of the street and the heritage, representing a break in the building that makes up an urban fabric of the city. It occupies a considerable area inside the block that confronts the North, East, West and South with connection to several buildings with accesses from Rua de Sapadores, Rua Afonso Domingues and Rua Vale de Santo António.

The proposal includes a properly treated and equipped garden located over the underground parking lot with access from Rua Vale de Santo António. It acquires a public character by promoting its integration into the urban fabric of the city and the collective use. In this way, the primary objective is to offer the public and the city a dynamic space, which can address the missing purpose of the site.

The residential building consists of 5 floors + attic and 2 levels of basement, under public and private parking. The main access is located at the level of Rua Vale de Santo António, with an entrance leading to the private access circulation core, consisting of the emergency stairs and two elevators. The ground floor is occupied only by the vertical core that serves as entrance to all floors that make up the building, the lower floors includes storage areas and private parking, the upper floors range of 9 T1 typologies plus range of 5 studios typologies.

It is intended to construct a building that in terms of use and its aesthetical language is well integrated in this location, highlighting the enormous benefit that both the car park and the garden will bring to the local inhabitants.